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Coffee Fellowship takes place following the Divine Liturgy and offers our parish the opportunity to spend time visiting with one another in Christian fellowship. It is also a wonderful way to commemorate an anniversary, birthday, family milestone, or memorial.  Offering to host it with friends or another family makes the effort easier and more enjoyable.  

This webpage is designed to offer suggestions about what food items to serve, and details the set-up and clean-up responsibilities of the host, with the help of the ushers.  Since we currently don't have access to a kitchen at Daniel Wright Middle School, where we are temporarily holding Sunday Liturgy while our Church is being built, we have simplified the process for hosting coffee hour.  We hope you find the following information helpful and if you have any additional questions, please contact the church office at 847.482.1200; or email Kathie Rutkowski by clicking HERE.

 To sign up, click HERE. The Church is using SignUp Genius to coordinate coffee hour hosts.  If you need assistance with any aspect of this on-line tool, please call the church office at 847.482.1200.

Thank you in advance for volunteering to host this important element of Ascension's commitment to Christian fellowship.  The Ascension community appreciates your warm hospitality and donation to this weekly tradition.

IMPORTANT:  PLEASE make sure that all items served are NUT FREE due to allergies.

SET-UP and ITEMS SUPPLIED BY CHURCH:  We recommend that hosts get to Daniel Wright around 9 a.m. to avoid carrying items through the "cafetorium" to the fellowship area while Divine Liturgy is taking place and to begin setting up.  Please do not set up during Divine Liturgy.  An usher will be available to assist at the school entrance and a cart is available to transport items to the serving area.  2 storage bins containing items supplied by the church --  tablecloths, cups (for coffee & juice), sugar, non-dairy creamer, napkins, paper plates, silverware and serving utensils -- will already be in place by the serving area.  The church also supplies the coffee, which will be prepared and brewed by a member of Parish Council. 

There are two serving areas available on opposite sides of the fellowship area and this year, we are setting an area up for adults (closest to the coffee pots) and an area up for children (across from the hot coffee pots).  Put the tablecloths in place and then arrange all of the items from the bin onto the 2 tables.  Service should be set up for a total of 200 people.  Since we don't have access to a kitchen or serving platters and bowls, food must be plated and ready to serve (please label your serving platters and bowls).  If you are bringing perishable items, please bring them in a cooler to keep them cold during services.

DURING COFFEE HOUR:  Please provide help as needed to serve and replenish the food, pour juice for the children and pour the coffee. 

FOLLOWING COFFEE HOUR:  We will only have access to the kitchen after Liturgy to wash the serving utensils and coffee pots.  At the conclusion of the coffee fellowship hour, please clean off the tables and return everything to the bin.  Use the soap provided in the bin to wash the utensils.  All leftover food needs to be taken home.  We need to take extra care to leave everything as we found it since the staff and administration at Daniel Wright are being more than gracious hosts to us during the temporary time we are worshipping there.  A Parish Council member will be present to assist with clean-up and secure the facility once everyone has departed.

Here is a list of a few suggested food items to serve during coffee hour.    If items are perishable, please bring a cooler to store them in until after Divine Liturgy.  Simple items (such as fingerfood or items easily served in small paper muffin cups) will work best during our time at Daniel Wright.

As indicated above, please remember that everything should be nut-free and plated, ready to serve.

Apple Juice (2 gallons)  (1 gallon in the summer)

Food stuffs for approximately 200 people.  A combination of a few of the following suggested items*:

Mini Bagels, (separated/quartered or cut in half)

Muffins - Mini Size (nut-free)

Cookies (nut-free)

Banana / Pumpkin Bread / Pound Cake (nut-free, sliced and plated)

Coffee Cakes, (nut-free, sliced and plated)

Fruit, washed and plated (grapes, strawberries, melon cut into bite size pieces)

Vegetables (bite-size carrots, etc., washed and ready to serve)

Oreo Cookies  

Cheese and Crackers (cheese pre-cut, kept cold in a cooler and served in small paper muffin cups if you wish)

Donut holes (nut-free)

Christmas Fast/Great Lent/Dormition Fast: 

During this blessed time, our Holy Church teaches that we should keep the sacred fast. Therefore during this time we refrain from all meat and dairy products. Out of respect for the fast and to those keeping the fast, please try to adhere to the acceptable items for coffee hour.

Suggested Lenten food items*:

Bagels/crackers/pita chips




Bite-size carrots


Costco brand of Apple Pie

Graham crackers

Rice crispy treats (individually wrapped)

*PLEASE make sure that all items are NUT FREE due to allergies.

Questions?  Call the church office at 847.472.1200; or email your questions to Kathie Rutkowski HERE.

+ Thank you for giving your time and offering to host our Coffee Fellowship.

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