Dear beloved faithful,
It is with great joy I write this letter to you to inform you of a monumental event in the life of our Parish.  On Sunday, September 10, 2017, immediately following the Divine Liturgy, we will be “breaking ground” and performing the Agiasmos (Blessing of the Waters) where our new church will be built.  With the blessings of Metropolitan NICHOLAS of Detroit, Locum Tenems of Chicago, our Chancellor His Grace Bishop DEMETRIOS of Mokissos, will be presiding over the Divine Services.  Orthros will begin at 8:15 a.m. followed by Divine Liturgy at 9:30 a.m.  At the end of the service, we will process outside to the site where our new Parish home will be built and commence our groundbreaking ceremonies as a unified parish family. 
            With this exciting news as we move to the start of our construction, I am also informing you that Sunday, September 10th, will be the last Divine Liturgy in our existing house of worship.  Beginning on Sunday, September 17, 2017, our Divine Services, as well as Sunday Church School, will be held at Daniel Wright Junior High School located at 1370 N. Riverwoods Road in Lincolnshire (just a few blocks south of our church).
            Immediately following the historic groundbreaking event, our Men's Koinonia Ministry will be hosting our annual Family Picnic at Banner Day Camp, just north of our property.
            On behalf of our Parish, I ask for your prayers and support during this remarkable journey, which will lead us to worshipping in our new church home, as well as enjoying the blessings of having a new community center where our dynamic and vibrant ministries can continue to grow. 
            Please hold September 10th dear to your heart and make every effort to be part of such a special once-in-a-lifetime event, where the symbolic first step will be taken to break ground and begin cultivating our Parish’s new foundation.
In Christ,

Rev. Fr. Sotirios P. Malamis
Parish Priest            



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