July 7, 2024: St. Kyriake, a True Follower of Christ
June 30, 2024: Our Church Calls Us to a Synaxis
June 16, 2024:  The True Faith of The Fathers, Pastoral Assistant John Anton
June 13, 2024:  Holy Ascension, Sermon by His Grace Bishop Timothy
June 12, 2024:  Ascension Great Vespers, Sermon by Fr. Dimitri Tobias
June 9, 2024: Christ's Illumination Dispels the Darkness
June 2, 2024:  Share the Message of the Gospel to All Ends of the Earth, Sermon by Fr. Stephanos Ritsi, OCMC Assistant Missionary Director
May 4, 2024: Holy Saturday Anastasi Sermon by Fr. Sotiri
April 30, 2024:  Holy Tuesday, Service of the Bridegroom Sermon
April 29, 2024:  Holy Monday, Service of the Bridegroom Sermon
April 28, 2024:  Service of the Bridegroom Sermon, Palm Sunday
April 28, 2024:  Palm Sunday: Sermon by His Grace Bishop Timothy
April 21, 2024: Grab Your Salvation by the Horns
April 7, 2024: Christ Carries Our Cross in the Darkness
March 31, 2024:  Silence is a Form of Prayer, His Eminence Metropolitan Nathanael
March 24, 2024: Come and See How the Lord Works in Your Life
March 17, 2024:  As We Embark on Great Lent, Let Us Clothe Ourselves In Christ, Pastoral Assistant John Anton
March 10, 2024: Our Why Becomes Clear When We Contemplate Judgment Day
February 25, 2024: Before Lent Begins, Empty Yourself of Pride, Pastoral Assistant John Anton
February 18, 2024: Remain Persistent in Your Prayers to Our Lord
February 11, 2024: Go-Givers Wanted!
February 4, 2024: Earthly Identity vs. Heavenly Identity, Guest Homilist Elias Pagones
January 27, 2024: Approach People as Christ Approaches Zacchaios
January 21, 2024: Stay True to the Doctrine of Orthodoxy like St. Maximos the Confessor
January 14, 2024: Bear Fruits Worthy of Repentance
January 7, 2024: 
Following in the Footsteps of St. John, Pastoral Assistant John Anton


December 24, 2023: Christ's Mercy Pursues Us Always
December 10, 2023: Our Lord is in the Mending Business
December 4, 2023: The Power of the Jesus Prayer
November 26, 2023:  What Shall I Render to the Lord for All He Has Rendered to Me? Pastoral Assistant John Anton
November 19, 2023: How Does Scripture Define the Word "Fool"?
November 12, 2023: Be Faithful Stewards of Your Gifts from God
November 5, 2023:  Take Notice, because God Notices, His Grace Bishop Timothy
October 29, 2023: Faith Conquers Fear
October 22, 2023: We are Bearers of the Resurrection, Pastoral Assistant John Anton
October 15, 2023: With Christ we Never Lose our Purpose
October 8, 2023: What seeds are you harvesting?
October 1, 2023: Your Salvation Belongs to the Person Next to You
September 24, 2023: Walk with Christ, Even if You Feel Unworthy
September 17, 2023: The Crosses We Bear Humble Us
September 10, 2023: The World Keeps Changing While Christ Gives Us Life
September 3, 2023: Love, with No Strings Attached
August 27, 2023:  Only Following Christ Truly Perfects Us, Pastoral Assistant John Anton
August 20, 2023: Christ Tells Us to Not Hold Grudges or Harbor Bitterness
August 13, 2023:  Fuel Your Faith with the Divine and Holy
August 6, 2023: Ascend the High Mountains and Let the Church Transfigure You
July 30, 2023: God Transforms and Multiplies Every Little Offering, Pastoral Assistant John Anton
July 23, 2023: What the Eye Sees Depends on What the Heart Feels
July 16, 2023:  Is Our Lantern Lit? His Grace Bishop Timothy of Hexamilion
July 9, 2023: Rest Your Heart in God's Grace and Loving Presence
June 18, 2023: Be the Light!
June 13, 2023:  Find Comfort in Being a Misfit! Fr. Kosmas Kallis
May 14, 2023: Activate the Holy Spirit
May 7, 2023:  Overcoming the Paralysis of Isolation  Pastoral Assistant John Anton
April 30, 2023: Have Zealous Faith Combined with Good Works
April 23, 2023: A Blessed Doubt that Gave Birth to Faith
April 9, 2023: Sermon following Palm Sunday's Evening Bridegroom Service
April 9, 2023:  Palm Sunday for Jesus Christ Marks the Turning Point of His Long Journey, Sermon by His Grace Bishop Timothy
April 2, 2023: Cross the Jordan to New Life Pastoral Assistant John Anton
March 19, 2023: Without a Cross There's No Crown
March 12, 2023: How Do We Encounter God? Pastoral Assistant John Anton
March 5, 2023: A Day of Victory!
February 26, 2023:Do you have a forgiving spirit?
February 19, 2023: A Prophecy and Commemoration:  How Do We Prepare?
February 12, 2023: Sin is the Sickness | Repentance is the Cure
February 5, 2023:  Youth Sunday, Pastoral Assistant John Anton: Abba, Give Us a Word
January 29, 2023: Great is Your Faith!
January 22, 2023:  Sermon by Fr. Joshua Papas: Spark the Foolishness, like Zacchaios
January 15, 2023: Take On a New Creation
December 11, 2022: An Invitation to the Great Banquet
December 4, 2022: Consumer Christmas vs Christian Christmas
November 20, 2022: Be a Wise and Faithful Servant:  Tend to Salvation & the Work of God
November 13, 2022: St. John Chrysostom: His Life is a Model of Stewardship
November 6, 2022: Go to Christ in Humility with Bold, Reverent Faith
October 23, 2022: The Holy Apostle James (Iakovos), The Lord's Brother and Epistle Author
October 16, 2022: If We Give Abundantly, We Will Receive Abundantly
October 9, 2022: Stay Active in Your Faith to Avoid Spiritual Death
October 2, 2022: Be Merciful and Forgiving So We Can All Be One
September 25, 2022: Trust in God's Word and Let Down the Net
September 18, 2022: Live as Christians in a Post-Christian Era
September 11, 2022:  The Cross Gives Us Strength and Power
September 5, 2022:  Moses the Prophet:  Example of Patience & Endurance in Prayer
August 28, 2022:  Put the Meditation of the Word of God First in Your Life, and Put the World Second
August 21, 2022:  Fools to the World but Wise to Christ
August 14, 2022:  Fix Your Gaze on Christ
August 7, 2022:  Enrich Your Children's Lives with Christ-Centered Preparation for the New School & Ecclesiastic Year
August 6, 2022:  Feast of the Transfiguration
July 31, 2022:  Welcome One Another and Bear Each Other's Burdens
July 10, 2022:  Love, Prayer & Humility:  Pillars & Strong Foundation of Our Christian Faith
July 3, 2022:  Seek First His Kingdom
June 19, 2022:  Our Church Calls Us to be Saints
June 2, 2022:  Feast of Holy Ascension:  Sermon by His Eminence Metropolitan Nathanael
June 1, 2022:  Ascension Great Vespers
Sermon by His Grace Bishop Timothy

Sermon by Homilist Fr. Thomas Alatzakis
May 29, 2022:  Sunday of the Blind Man
May 22, 2022: Come to Christ with a Humble Heart
May 15, 2022:  Christ is Our Anchor to Overcome Loneliness
May 8, 2022: On Mother's Day, We Celebrate the Myrrh-Bearing Women:  Selfless, Brave, Devoted & Faithful
April 23, 2022:  Holy Saturday:  Proti-Anastasi
April 22, 2022:  Good Friday Lamentations
April 17, 2022:  Hosanna in the Highest!  Blessed is He Who Comes in the Name of the Lord!
April 3, 2022:  Climb the Ladder to Christ
March 27, 2022:  The Cross Renews Our Strength During the Mid-Point of Great Lent
March 13, 2022:  Triumph of Orthodoxy - Come and See!
March 6, 2022: Forgiveness Sunday:  We Stand Before the Stadium of Virtues
:February 27, 2022:  Judgment Sunday:  Salvation is a Virtuous Path Paved with Love for our Brethren
February 20, 2022:  God Awaits Us Through Our Repentance.  Sunday of the Prodigal Son
February 13, 2022:  On the Sunday of the Publican and Pharisee, We Remember Fr. T Who Taught us to Seek God through our Humility
January 16, 2022:  Give Gratitude to God
January 9, 2022:  Take the U-Turn
December 12, 2021:  St. Spyridon the Wonderworker
December 5, 2021:  Are We Following God Out of Form or Out of Faith?
November 28, 2021:  Let Go of the Things that Have a Grip on Us
November 21, 2021:  Bringing the Liturgical Atmosphere of Church into Our Homes
November 14, 2021: Our Church.  Our Spiritual Home  Stewardship Sunday Homily
November 7, 2021:  7th Sunday of Luke
October 31, 2021:  We are Called to Care About Those Around Us  
October 24, 2021:  The Power of God
October 17, 2021:  The Seed has been Planted:  Are you Nurturing It?
October 10, 2021:  Are You Entering into Christ's Gateway?
October 3, 2021:  What is your Reward?
Sunday, September 26, 2021:  What Starts with Alpha and Ends with Omega?
September 12, 2021:  Feeling Overwhelmed with the Challenges of the World?  The Cross Stands Firm!
September 5, 2021:  Forgiveness is not IF we do it, but When
August 29, 2021:  Sin is Destructive But God Awaits our Repentance
August 22, 2021:  Christ is the Captain (sermon by Justin Glavanovits)
August 15, 2021:  The Theotokos in Our Lives
August 8, 2021:  Faith, Prayer & Miracles
August 1, 2021:  The Protection of our Father & Mother
July 25, 2021, Sermon by Justin Glavanovits:  Christ Heals All
July 18, 2021, Sermon by Fr. Kosmas Kallis:  The Authentic Light of Christ is Not Taught, But it is Caught
July 11, 2021:  Do Not Be Anxious
July 4, 2021:  Follow Him
June 6, 2021:  Our Lord Gives us Spiritual Eyes
May 30, 2021:  We Can Run but we Cannot Hide
May 23, 2021:  Arise and Taste the Waters of Christ
May 16, 2021:  The Stone Has Been Rolled Away
May 9, 2021:  Mother's Day Sermon!
May 2, 2021:  Christos Anesti!  Fr. Sotiri's Video Sermon delivered on Holy Pascha
April 25, 2021:  Palm Sunday:  Receiving the King Today
April 18, 2021:  St. Mary of Egypt:  Sermon by His Grace Bishop Timothy
April 4, 2021: Sunday of the Holy Cross:  The Cross of Christ
March 21, 2021: Sunday of Orthodoxy:  Come and See the Light!
March 14, 2021:  On Silence (video sermon)
March 6, 2021:  Judgement Sunday
February 29, 2021:  Power of an Embrace
February 22, 2021:  Edging God Out (E.G.O.)
February 7, 2021:  Our God-Given Talents for Others (Youth Sunday)
February 1, 2021:  Our Desire for Christ Changes Us
January 24, 2021:  Don't "Pause" on Prayer
January 17, 2021:  Be the One Who Returns
January 10, 2021:  How Do You Define politics?
January 3, 2021:  Time Is Precious - How Are We Spending It?


To view sermons by Fr. Sotiri between March and December 2020, visit our Livestream webpage

03.08.2020:  The Sunday of Orthodoxy

03.01.2020: Forgiveness Sunday

02.23.2020:  Judgment Sunday

02.16.2020:  The Prodigal Son  (sermon by Pastoral Assistant Justin Glavanovits)

02.09.2020:  The Humility of the Tax Collector

02.02.2020:  Youth Sunday (sermon by Fr. Kosmas Kallis, Director of the Office of Youth & Young Adult Ministries for the Metropolis of Chicago)

1.26.2020:  Christ Sees Us and Responds to Our Needs

1.19.2020:  Offering Thanks to God

1.12.2020:  Be the Light You Wish to See in the World (sermon by Pastoral Assistant Justin Glavanovits)

12.29.19:  Sunday After Nativity

12.22.19:  We Are Born of God

12.15.19:  11th Sunday of Luke Sermon by His Eminence Metropolitan Nathanael of Chicago 

12.8.19:  10th Sunday of Luke

12.1.19:  Preparation and Anticipation

11.24.19:  The Young Rich Ruler (sermon by Pastoral Assistant Justin Glavanovits)

11.17.19:  The Parable of the Rich Fool

11.10.19:  The Parable of the Good Samaritan

11.3.19:  5th Sunday of Luke

10.27.19:  7th Sunday of Luke

10.20.19:  6th Sunday of Luke (sermon by Pastoral Assistant Justin Glavanovits)

10.06.19:  3rd Sunday of Luke

9.30.19:  2nd Sunday of Luke (sermon by Pastoral Assistant Justin Glavanovits)

9.22.19:  1st Sunday of Luke

9.15.19: Sunday After Holy Cross

9.10.19:  Nativity of the Theotokos

8.25.19:  St. Kosmas of Aitolos

8.18.19:  9th Sunday of Matthew (Dn. Christian Siskos)

8.11.19 8th Sunday of Matthew

8.4.19:  Our  Most Holy Theotokos

7.7.19:  3rd Sunday of Matthew

4.21.19:  Palm Sunday

3.17.19:  Sunday of Orthodoxy

2.24.19: Prodigal Son

2.17.19:  Sunday of the Publican and Pharisee

2.10.19:  Sunday of the Canaanite Woman

1.28.19:  Sunday of Zacchaeus

12.30.18:  Sunday After the Nativity (Fr. Joshua Pappas, Archangel Michael Greek Orthodox Church, Port Washington, NY)

12.9.18:  The Conception of St. Anna

12.2.18:  St. Porphyrios

11.18.18:  Parable of the "Rich Fool"

11.11.18:  The Good Samaritan

11.4.18:  Rich Man and Lazarus

10.28.18:  Protection of the Theotokos

10.14.18:  4th Sunday of Luke (7th Ecumenical Council)

9.30.18:  Second Sunday of Luke

9.23.18:  First Sunday of Luke

9.16.18:  Sunday After the Elevation

9.9.18:  Sunday Before the Exaltation

9.2.18:  14th Sunday of Matthew

8.26.18:  St. Phanourios

8.19.18:  12th Sunday of Matthew

8.12.18:  11th Sunday of Matthew

8.5.18: Transfiguration of Our Lord  

7.2.18:  SS. Cosmas and Damian

6.24.18:  Nativity of St. John the Forerunner

6.18.18:  3rd Sunday of Matthew

6.10.18:  2nd Sunday of Matthew

3/11/18:  Third Sunday of Lent:  The Sunday of the Holy Cross

2.25.18:  Sunday of Orthodoxy

2.11.18:  Judgement Sunday

2.4.18:  Prodigal Son

1.29.18:  Publican and Pharisee

1.21.18:  Zacchaeus

1.14.2018:  Sunday after Theophany

12.17.17:  Daniel and the Three Youths

12.3.2017:  26th Sunday:  Using Our Time to Walk as Children of Light

11.19.2017:  The Meaning of Stewardship

11.12.2017:  Stewardship Sunday 2018

10.22.2017:  Distractions

3.5.17:  Sunday of Orthodoxy

2.26.17:  Sermon on Cheesefare Sunday

11.13.2016:  Stewardship Sunday 2017:  "St. John Chrysostom and Stewardship"