Epiphany Home Blessing   

Dear Beloved Stewards of the Ascension,  

According to Greek Orthodox tradition, the month of January is the time for home blessings. This beautiful tradition is an extension of The Feast of the Theophany (or Epiphany) on January 6, when we commemorate Christ's Baptism and when Jesus sanctified all the waters of the world.  The Liturgy on this Feast Day of the Theophany concludes with the service of the Great Blessing of Waters.  At the end of the service, the priest blesses the congregation and offers a bottle of Holy Water to all parishoners to take home.   In addition, since our homes cannot physically be brought to the Church to be blessed, the Church has the beautiful tradition of having a priest personally take the Holy Water into a family's dwelling and together with the family, recite prayers to request that God's grace be bestowed on the household in the new year.  By sanctifying our personal living space with the newly Blessed Water, we extend the Grace of God to our own individual dwellings. If you would like Fr. Sotiri to bless your home, please print and complete the following form (click here for a printable version) and retum it to the Church office bv Sunday, January 7, 2024

If you have any questions, contact the Church office by calling 847.482.1200.

Click HERE to download and print form.