Salutations to the Theotokos in Great Lent

"We offer glory to God that He has given us the most holy Theotokos to intercede for us and help us in our present condition. Let us take advantage of such a gift in our Lenten journey and be present physically and spiritually during these Friday evenings."

Rev. Fr. Sotirios P. Malamis

The Service of the Salutations is known as one of the hymnological masterpieces of the Church. During the first four Salutation services, the Akathist Hymn is sung in parts.  The Akathist Hymn is a profound, devotional poem which sings the praises of the Holy Mother and Ever-Virgin Mary. This hymn comprises twenty four stanzas, divided into four parts. One part is sung on each Friday of Great Lent and on the fifth Friday, the entire set is sung in commemoration of a miracle performed by the Virgin in Constantinople.

2023 Schedule

First Salutations - Friday, March 3
Second Salutations - Friday, March 10
Third Salutations - Friday, March 17
Great Vespers with Fourth Salutations - March 24
Akathist -  Friday, March 31

You can access the text to each service through the GOARCH Digital Chant Stand, or by clicking the date of the service above.

Dear Beloved Brothers & Sisters in the Lord,

Our Holy Orthodox Church offers us the Great Lenten period each and every year to help us change our lifestyle in preparation for Pascha. It is a difficult time of self-examination and self-denial; a time for taking control of our lives and bodies. One hymn of our Church describes Great Lent as a time to “. . .put away the works of darkness, and put on the armor of light, so that we may navigate the immense ocean of Lent” (Hymn from Forgiveness Vespers). The Fathers of the Church teach us that this great “ocean of Lent” when lived properly and spiritually, can be a source of strength that will carry us throughout the year.  Continue reading Fr. Sotiri's article about the Salutations here>>


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