Scripture is filled with passages of God’s call for us to be generous, loving, compassionate givers. The priority of compassionate stewardship is about how we, as a community, can do God’s work with love and compassion. It is less about the parish’s need to receive, and more about our need to give. Our generosity with the gifts and blessings God has entrusted to us is compassionate stewardship.  It is an attitude and a way of life.


Download and print the 2022 Stewardship Pledge card,  HERE.  


A Stewardship Prayer

Gracious God, giver of all we have and hold as stewards;
grant the people of this church a deep and abiding awareness that all things come from you –
our health, our incomes, our jobs, our talents and our generous impulse.
Send your Holy Spirit to help us as we swim against the rising tides of materialism, envy, individualism and greed in our culture.
When we are tempted to think of money as a private matter, remind us that you have asked for part of what we are given,
to be returned to you as a symbol of our awareness that you give all we have.
And further, help us to help each other in this grace of giving,
for you are the lover of our souls and call us to nothing less than transformation in Jesus Christ our Lord.

Thank you for your support as we help our parish build strong momentum going into 2022!   To learn more about Stewardship within our Ascension community, contact our Stewardship Committee Chair, Harold Anagnos by email at, or by calling the church office at 847.482.1200.